“The GraVity between” is a multidisciplinary performance with two dancers, two live musicians & live interactive lighting. The piece is choreographed by Jacqueline Bulnes (US- ’83), former Soloist of the Martha Graham Dance Company, Soloist of the Jose Limon Dance Company, choreographer in Europe & the US; with original live music by the Danish composers Niklas Emborg Gjersøe & Marc Bernstein & Live Interactive lighting by the Taiwanese artist, Wing Tsou. Also included in the project is the Canadian dancer, Frances Samson, currently Soloist with the Jose Limon Dance Company.

The GraVity between was inspired by Niklas and Jacqueline’s first meeting in New York- April 2018, where the two artists (without ever working together before) challenged each other to build a piece about gravitational pull- the energy that initially drew them together. The creation explored the idea of a long distance creative process, where each collaborator built their work separately due to their distance (NY, Taiwan, Italy & Denmark), then coming together for the first time during the week of performances. Each element- dance, music, light- works with a theme of both opposition & acceptance of ‘GraVity’, while exploring breath, space, sound, momentum & everything in between. The work is a conversation between visual & audible sensations- creating organic dynamics whilst leaving space for improvisation among these elements during live performance.

“The GraVity between” is essentially about human connection across oceans & our wish is to carve new pathways for networking between our disciplines, our cultures and our countries.

In addition to this project, Jacqueline Bulnes & Frances Samson will also be offering Master dance workshops in Graham, Limon & Dance Theatre forms to local schools & conservatories during their travels (ages 7-45). The workshops are focused on fundamentals such as opposition, gravity and musicality.



Performance @ Chez Bushwick- New York (US) 25/9 & 26/9 [open to all ages]
Dance workshop @ Det Kongelige Teater- Balletskolen Odense 18/11 [ages 13-18]
Dance workshop @ Dansestudiet Aarhus- Aarhus 19/11 [ages 13-18]
Dance workshop @ Sceneindgangen Dance Studio 23/11 [ages 13-18]
Dance workshop @ Hvidovre Danceschool 24/11 – 17.00 [ages 10-15]
Dance workshop @ Det Kongelige Teater- Balletskolen Odense 25/11 [ages 13-18]
Dance & Music workshop @ “Free Library” Esbjerg 26/11 – 20.00 [ages 21 & above]
Dance Theatre workshop @ Kulturskolen Esbjerg 28/11 11.20- 17.00 [ages 15-23]
Artist talk/performance @ “Urbanskolen” Esbjerg 29/11 – 11.30 [open to all ages]
Performance @ “Torsdagscafé” Esbjerg 29/11 – 20.00 (SDMK Concert Hall) [open to all ages]
Performance @ Odeon Concert Hall (Odeon) 30/11 – 19.00 [open to all ages]



Link to full work upon request